Hostile Sun on DriveThruRPG

Under a Hostile Sun is now DriveThruRPG Official!

It’s available for free!

Under a Hostile Sun is a fantastic option for sci-fi lovers as it offers opportunities to explore and complete creative, plot-driven missions. With a well-balanced encounter system, the game provides a fun mix of role-play and mechanics. Very simple to learn and play, which makes it accessible to all!” -AC

Under a Hostile Sun is an interactive and collaborative multiplayer RPG game. Players who have an affinity for teamwork and are mission-driven would enjoy engaging in such an adventure.” -Blanca

What Makes Hostile Sun Unique?

  • Environment-first mechanics, instead of combat-first mechanics. Emphasis throughout is on survival in impossible situations.
  • Resource-Focused Play – All game mechanics tie back to an elegant resource system. Stores of critical alchemical supplies are abstracted to five game currencies. Needing to spend and collect these wisely will drive risk vs reward decision making.
  • Alchemy Driven by Player Creativity – The Alchemy system gives players wide leeway to brew their own potions. However, the Resource Currency costs ensure that the alchemical powers of the party remain balanced. Players can gain more uses from their potions by tying them to specific stats and situations.

As I think through the list of other popular rules-lite games FateCore, Basic Roleplay, Cogent or the New Horizon system I really think the emphasis on resource management and survival gives Hostile Sun a feel that is not replicated anywhere else.

I love those other systems, but the narratives they are meant to tell are generally some-sort of combat focused. They do not have the players success or failure tie directly to how wisely they use what they gain from the environment.

Please give Hostile Sun a try and let me know what worked and what didn’t. I am always seeking to make this game better. If you take ideas from Hostile Sun and incorporate them into your favorite game, I am interested to hear how that worked as well.

The system now includes the four-part Ancient Empires, Modern Greed campaign, where your players can explore the mysterious mining colony Demeter VI and help a population in grave danger.

Playtest IV

Playtest IV, including the Bee Hive encounter will be up on YouTube soon!

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