Stand with Ukraine

The central theme of the Muckrakerverse is displaced people gathering the courage to confront tyranny, a theme that is common in much sci-fi and fantasy. What we fantasize about in comics & RPGs about has become a grim reality for many families. I encourage everyone who can to make some show of support for this […]

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On Arthur, Faith & RPGs

This may be at first seem an odd topic, but one I think is very important. Many older RPG players (happens to us all) remember the “satanic panic.” I myself have never faced any real oppressions from religion for my love of playing RPGs. I myself am a Latin Mass loving Catholic and my mother […]

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Cosmic Horror Jam

Howdy everyone! My newest RPG dev update is – I am hosting my first GAME JAM! Specifically, I am hosting a Cosmic Horror RPG Jam on Itch. Do you have a game idea? What to work with it and be inspired by other aspiring game devs? What to imagine eldrich nightmares? This is the Jam […]

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Muckraker RPG in Playtest

For a little over the year, I have used this blog to explore science fiction scenarios. The short fiction format of these posts allow me to play with a wide variety of ideas and overtime I have started to get a sense of a “Muckrakerverse,” a world of science fiction whimsy populated by mild-mannered Alien […]

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Writing Your First RPG Session

Planning the adventure for your RPG session is easily the most daunting task of being a new Game Master. This helps explain the popularity of pre-made adventures. Indeed many prefer to just run a pre-written and play tested adventure strait out of the box to writing their own. But just as much of the fun […]

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What did you know?

C’therax entered the small silver cylindrical habitation.   It was nothing luxurious, but for good reason.  It was expensive to transport anything across Jupiter’s gravity field.  For those who loved gravity diving or wanted to be away from the busier planets though, this moon was the place to be.  Through the shimmer of the gravity shield […]

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The Poking Bomb

“Sp”Rark!  Help me!  Help me!” Sp’Rark ran into the Observation Deck, to find Xogue fleeing the sample holding chamber and slamming the door shut behind her. “I-I t-though it was a t-turtle…” Sp’Rark went to the Observation Deck’s window, “Xogue!  W-what have you done?  That’s a human larvae!!” “It had a shell…it was green…all these Earth […]

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The Journey Begins

My Dear C’therax, I am shocked that you have grown blue so quickly.  Yes, I am well aware that Mars is a most boring planet, but you must admit that more interesting sites are just a a few warp-blasts away.  And, surely good company is not lacking?  Don’t play coy my friend.  I’ve seen how […]

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