About the Author

My name is Gabriel.

I am a lover of Science Fiction, especially Star Trek.   I plan to most a story in the adventures of Sarah Debattista and C’therax, the Martian Muckraker, in this site every week.  Real “Muckrakers” were reporters that exposed corruption and injustice, such as the brilliant Nellie Bly.

I am also a Roman Catholic, and a lover of the Traditional Latin Mass.  I will post a more complete bio soon.

Favorite Books: Dante’s Divine Comedy (I am not a translation expert, but I enjoy Mark Musa’s translation).  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  Stephen King’s The Stand and It.

Favorite TV Shows:  Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tokyo Ghoul and Stranger Things

Favorite Saints: St. John the Evangelist, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope John Paul II, St. Athanasius, St.Joan of Arc, St. Junipero Serra, Servant of God Dorthy Day.

Favorite Movies: Interstellar, Ghost in the Shell, Gravity, Original Star Wars, Alien, A Quiet Place, Under the Shadow, The Invisible Man