A New Friend

Sarah angrily typed into the Martian communicator that C’therax had given her.

C’therax!  Please respond! NOW!

The device pinged to show that he had received the message.

Sarah!  What is it?

TAKE A GUESS!  Sarah tapped out angrily.

There was a pause.  Sarah could see that C’therax was typing on his communicator due to a flashing green light.  The typing would stop,  then restart.  Eventually, C’therax gave up attempts to rewrite his message to be diplomatic and simply said:

Please tell me that Xogue didn’t send you the package without telling you.

C’therax, my entire bedroom is now covered in webbing.  It’s a good thing my blinds are closed or else I would have SOME SERIOUS EXPLAINING TO DO!

Let me get Xogue…I am SO SO SORRY!

There was a pause.  Eventually more text appeared in the communicator.

Sarah!  Did you meet Dia’dymn? Xogue wrote

It has a name???

Hey!  Dia’dymn is a he.  Not an it!

It tried to KILL ME!

He wouldn’t do that.  Probably was just excited to say hello.  I showed him your picture soon after he hatched.  He thinks you are very high in the birth order.  If he ever thought you were starving he’d let you eat himself.  Survival cannibalism is practiced among this species.

Wow.  How thoughtful.  Did you SERIOUSLY think I need a spider who would let me EAT HIM!  What if he tries to eat my neighbors???

He’s already trained.  He won’t be eating anyone.  And I used Earthling language to train him too!  He will be a great help!  Promise!….Hey Sarah, this is C’therax again. I just took the communicator from Xogue.  We wanted to thank you for all you are doing for our kind on Earth.  And Venus Bluebacks are really loyal and easy to train.  Quite helpful too in ways you wouldn’t expect.  We were planning to transmit a video of Diadem before we sent him there, but Sp’Rark got a little excited and she sent him early.  Look, if you really don’t want him, I can arrange for another Martian to adopt him.  He was also meant to be in a container…I guess he broke free…

Yeah, he incorporated the container into the massive web in my bedroom!  The transport’s wings are hanging from the ceiling.  

Where is he now?

I used a broom to knock it into the bathroom.  I’ve barricaded the door.

Sarah is he making a high-pitched squealing sound?

Yes?  Is that bad?

Um.  Sarah.  That means he’s crying.  He thinks he’s been abandoned.

I think we are MISSING THE POINT HERE.  I can’t raise a bloody Martian spider.

Ok.  Fine.  Again, I am really really sorry about this.  Xogue jumped the gun.  Can you feed him some chicken and then in 48 hours tops I will arrange someone to adopt him.  If he cries just pet him and he will stop.  

48 hours is way too much of a ris-

There was a flushing sound from the bathroom.  Sarah’s eyes widened.  If that thing escaped…if the authorities found it and traced it back to her…there would be trouble.

Sarah dropped the communicator and darted into the bathroom and immediately had to grab hold of her towel hanger because her legs got tangled in the webs that now completely covered her bathroom floor.

She saw Dia’dymn clutching a web from inside the toilet bowl as water from the toilet surged downward.  He was too big to be flushed down and took up half the space in the apartment toilet.  The web was attached to the toilet handle.  That web was attached to Diadem.  The constant flushing water was pinning him to the bottom of the toilet bowl and threatening to drown him.

His many eyes looked up at Sarah.  They were very big.  And desperate.  And kinda cute in their own way.

Sarah sighed, took a deep breath, reached into the toilet bowl, pulled him out and quickly dropped the creature on the floor.

All eight of his legs legs started to tremble.  The water added to his blue-green shimmer.  Sarah bit her lip and stared at the creature.  She finally reached for a towel, dried it off and stroked him on his back.  He made a purring sound.

“H-hi-Dia’dymn” she said.

Dia’dymn let out a happy squeak.

“M-my name’s Sarah.”  Dia’dymn squeaked some more.  He then rubbed his head on her ankle, being very careful that his pincers did not touch her.  Sarah went into her kitchen and motioned for Dia’dymn to follow.  She grabbed some chicken from her refrigerator and placed it on the floor.   Dia’dymn started eating voraciously.

Sarah went to pick up the communicator.  It had fallen into a rather large stack of hate mail.  Being pro-martian didn’t earn you that many friends.

Sarah!  Sarah!  Are you there!

Diadem finished eating and carefully placed a leg on Sarah’s foot.  Sarah smiled at him.  In a flash, he crawled to her shoulder and rubbed his head on her neck and purred.

Sarah chuckled despite herself.

All right C’therax.  Fine.  I will keep him.  Thank you. 

Sarah paused, then wrote: but if you or Xogue ever do this again, you better hope Earth’s Barricade doesn’t come down ’cause I am going kick your antennae in.

To be continued…

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“Four things on Earth are small, but they are exceedingly wise: the ants are a people not strong, yet they provide their food in the summer; the badgers are a people not mighty, yet they make their homes in the rocks; the locusts have no king, yet all of them march in rank; the lizard you can take in your hands, yet it is in king’s palaces.” (Proverbs 30:24-28)

Diadem Edited

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