Heart of Steel

For immediate publication on all news frequencies on the Hyperspace Tachyon Transmission Protocol:

Cazimir Cometdust says he relives the explosion that destroyed his body at least once a month in his nightmares.

“I remember there was a searing heat, and a boom that shook my ribs. I was screaming in pain…and then suddenly I felt nothing…my neurons had melted away…after that there was darkness,” he recalls.  His memory is sporadic for the 72 hours that followed the explosion at Red Soil Laboratories.  He remembers seeing doctors’ faces and bouts of extreme pain as artificial neurons were installed.  Most of all he says, “I remember being totally and utterly confused.”

The greatest horror was when Cazimir’s consciousness woke up in complete and unchanging blackness.  Doctors had been able to save Cazimir’s brain at the Martian Central Crater Medical Center and transmit it to a cybernetic body.  Unfortunately, the medical staff had reactivated Cazimir’s brain without activating any of the cybernetic body’s sensing or motor systems.  “For hours I wondered if I had been spurned by the Immutable, and if I was destined to wonder the darkness forever,” Cazimir recalls.

When the doctors realized their mistake, they rushed to activate the Cyborg body.  “I was in blackness and then instantaneously I was in a room…there were lights and sounds…I tried to move and my new body would just shake and make this clanking sound,” Cazimir says.

Cyborg Adjustment Therapy would take two years.  At its completion, the president of Red Soil Labs personally offered him his old job back as a Senior Lab Tech.  Cazimir shocked both his coworkers and friends by turning it down.

“They told me that after the explosion had taken so much from me, it would be terrible for it to take my love of science as well.  But…I couldn’t go back.  Being there would remind me of the body I had lost…of the explosion…no…going back was never an option,” Cazimir says.

For another two years, he hopped from job to job until he found a new passion.  Cazimir has since made a name for being a leading biologist and trainer of Venus Blue Back Spiders.  “I love it.  The Immutable’s light has shined upon me.  I can use my scientific mind, but I am free from the lab.  Furthermore, the little critters never judge me for my mechanical body,” says.  His joy is evident through his digital voice simulator.

By Special Reporter and Editor C’therax


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From the Earthling Press: Supreme Court rules that warrant is needed to access cell tower records

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