Three booms went off outside and the flash could be seen from inside Sarah’s apartment, even with the draperies closed.

Dia’dymn squealed and ran back and forth across the living area of the apartment before jumping once more into Sarah’s arms.

“It’s OK boy!” Sarah said as she cuddled him.  “It’s OK.  I’m h-here!  I-I’m here!  It’s just a party boy.  They’ll stop the f-fireworks soon.”  I really need to get back into speech therapy, she thought.

Dia’dymn was a Venus Green Back Spider, a gift from Sarah’s friends on Mars.  In the three weeks she had owned him Dia’dymn had already learned several English commands and words and learned what areas of the apartment he was allowed to spray webbing.  He also had been made to understand that he must hide from Earthlings.

A  louder boom shook the apartment and caused a few car alarms to go off.  Dia’dymn jumped five times his body height and landed on his black.  He quickly flipped himself over and started spraying webbing.

“NO Dia’dymn!  No webs in the living room,” Sarah said.

Dia’dymn stopped.  Looked at Sarah, and looked at the jumble of webbing he had produced on the floor.  He let out a small and slow squirt of webbing and squeaked, as if to ask for permission.  Sarah shook her head no.

Dia’dymn whined and his pincers drooped.  He scurried back to Sarah who petted him.

Venus Green Back Spiders had trace amounts of Tachyon radiation in their web glands.  This allowed them to produce webbing that exceeded their body mass and volume.  Because of this, web training him had been a major priority.

The door of Sarah’s apartment opened and Michael, her cousin and ally in the pro-Martian movement came in.  “Hey Sarah, can I cr-” Michael began.

Dia’dymn screamed and in seconds he squirted a trip wire that sent Michael sprawling.  In a flash, Dia’dymn had Michael tied and gagged in webbing.

Sarah ran to the door and closed it to ensure her neighbors didn’t see she was harboring an otherworldly pet.  Then she sternly said, “No!  No! Dia’dymn!  M-michael is a friend.”

She placed her hand on Michael to ‘claim’ him as part of her territory.  Dia’dymn squeaked in apology.  Sarah motioned for him to untie Michael.

Michael’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out.  “Dia’dymn’s been on edge due to the firworks…sorry I didn’t tell you about him earlier.  Wanted to tell you in person.  He’s a Venus Green Back; a gift from C’therax and Co.”

Once Michael was untied his expression shifted from shock to anger.  “Sarah!  Just last week a group of five multiterrestrials were killed.  The Movement can’t afford you goofing around with some pet!”

Sarah made a circular motion with her hand and then posed like Rosie the Riveter.  Dia’Dymn squeaked and ran off.  In five seconds flat he returned with a small belt around his abdomen.

“D-dia’dymn can clime w-walls, is s-small, sm-a-art and can d-defend himself.”  Sarah said.

Michael analyzed the belt.  It contained several miniature cameras, a homing tracer and a storage pouch.

Sarah turned on her cellphone which was now streaming Dia’dymn’s cameras.

“D-dia’dymn is going to infiltrate the party conventions next week.”

Michael was going to protest when a loud boom caused both him and Dia’dymn to jump.  Michael curled up on the floor and started to cry.  You’ve seen too much Michael, Sarah thought.  She got next to him and held him  Dia’dymn gently rubbed his head against Michael and squeaked.

“Y-you agree Dia’dymn?  Fireworks s-s-uck?”  Sarah asked.  Dia’dymn nodded.  Michael looked at the little creature and padded his lap.  The three of them curled up together and waited out the fireworks show.

Made as a Camp NaNoWriMo word sprint.

From the Earthling Press: This woman’s name is on the Declaration of Independence.  So why don’t we know her story?



Photo by James Owen on Unsplash

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