Coming soon to Vtt

Hello All – I have been looking into ways to get the game up on Virtual Tabletops and have some exciting news!


I just submitted the game to PlayRole.Com. Will let you know when it has gone through the system and is available for purchase. Getting the game there will get you access to the character sheet format I made for in addition to the PDFs. The Role game room already has tokens and maps uploaded, and the character sheet will help you track your resource currencies. Should make playing the game a breeze. The game room includes 4 progenerated characters.

The game, as always, can still be found at I will be looking into other Virtual Tabletop platforms as well!

Numerous Rule Adjustments

The upload to Role gave me the opportunity to make a few more tweaks:

  • Might can now help your Stamina. If your Might is higher than the Stamina provided by your class, you can use your Might instead of your class’ Stamina, with the caveat that your Might can only raise your Stamina to 15.
  • Focus can now improve your Alchemy skills. If your Focus is 14-15 you can learn one more recipe than allowed by your class. If your Focus is 16+ you can learn 2 more recipes than allowed by your class. These adjustments to Might and Focus are meant to ensure that these stats are not overshadowed by the creature-taming stats Compassion, Dominance and Tech.
  • Action Potions are now the cost of an Instant Effect Potion of the same resource type + one Balancing Ingredient. Example: A Strange Sap based (Botanical) Instant Effect Potion costs 3 SS + 1 AA. If a player wants to make an action potion or a Persist Until Dismissed potion they will use 3 SS + 1 AA + [1 Geological (either 1 MM or 1 OO)].
  • Incredible Potions have now been added as a potion type for those potions that push a GM’s sense of credibility . . . but they are willing to let it slide for a cost. These cost an additional Main ingredient and an additional balancing ingredient. Furthermore, these potions only have a stability of 25%
  • Hostile Environment Descriptions have undergone some revision.
  • Creature v Creature Taming (I) is now better reflected in the system. Some creatures cannot be tamed, unless you have assistance from a Pet you already have. This is particularly common amongst dominant-social pattern species. Beast Riders can fulfill this requirement with their steed and Hallowed Hunters, due to their special suits can be counted as a beast themselves. Those creatures that can only be tamed with animal help have ! next to their descriptions. You aren’t going to be more Dominant than a Dragon or Crater Wolf without some help.
  • Creature v Creature Taming (II) Furthermore, as an optional rule the amount of currency in your Pet’s food cost minus 2 equals their Tame Assist stat. You can increase your Compassion or Dominance for tame rolls by this amount.
What will you tame on distant planets?

Update on Orc

The long-suffering team at Paizo read through every comment on their ORC License Server (dedication to the cause!) and has submitted consolidated feedback to Azora Law. Hopefully sometime in May we will see a second draft of the ORC License. But strong progress has been made and am excited Under a Hostile Sun will be one of the first games to use the ORC License.

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