“Hello Muckrakers, this is Technology & Space Cruiser Reporter Sp’Rark!”

“And this is Editor-In-Chief C’therax!”

“And this sweet ride is the new and improved NeonNebula Optimex!” Sp’Rark said.


As Sp’Rark said the name of the starship, she fired its fusion thrusters, causing a sudden and heavy wave of G-forces to crash into C’therax.

“CUT!” Dr. Vyryn’s voice said from the computer panel.  “C’therax, we can’t have you screaming like a little baby on our social media feed. And Sp’Rark, adjust the center dash camera, we would like your face more centered.”

“Screaming is the natural response to seeing THE HARD GROUND of Phobos charging towards your ship and somehow the pilot is ACCELERATING instead of BREAKING,” C’therax whined.

“Are we still here?” Sp’Rark asked.

“Sp’Rark . . .”

Sp’Rark pinched herself.

“We still alive?” she asked again.

“Yes . . .” C’therax sighed, defeated.

“Then take a breather and ENJOY THE G-FORCE!!!”


On the communication screen, one could see Dr. Vyryn starting to hit his head against his keyboard.

“OK, we are already seven takes in,” Dr. Vyryn said. “Sp’Rark, how about you do some practice flips to get C’therax acclimated to high-speed acrobatic flying.  Then we can proceed with the engine review.”

“I think we should up our rating to a full five stars,” Sp’Rark said.  “Our audience deserves to know that this is a quality ride.”

“There is no way this junkpile is worth a full five st-” C’therax began . . . when Sp’Rark launched the ship into a barrel roll to interrupt him. “AHAHHHHAHAHAHAAAHAAAHAHHHH,”

We are going to need several more takes before this holovid review is ready for editing, Dr. Vyryn thought.   

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