Game “Earthlings and Epics” Sparks Galactic Controversy

Gamemaker Cri’tevel is at the center of an interplanetary diplomatic spat after his game “Earthlings and Epics” was used by the Earthling government as an example of “alien contempt for our ways.”

Famous game designer Cri’tevel

“I was not trying to offend,” Cri’tevel said, “Heck, I even based the ability system on an old forgotten Earthling game about dragons. I wanted to bring something new to my game design and I thought incorporating Earthling culture would be seen as an act of admiration.”

The current Regime on Earth said that the game demonstrates alien desires to “control Earthlings and manipulate them like pawns on a game board.” Furthermore, the political regime was angered that possible character classes in the game included “Political Dissident,” and “Revolutionary.” At press time, Earth’s government is oblivious to the irony of condemning manipulating Earthlings like pawns and hating political dissidents.

According to Cri’tevel the project came out of his culture’s deep love of roleplaying games. “During the winter months going outside is nearly impossible on my homeworld, as the suns are absent for three full months. So for ages immemorial my people have played storytelling games by candle and moonlight when it is too cold to go outside. ”

G’vrians, as Cri’tevel’s people are called, always carry a bag of dice in their belt so that they can gamble or roleplay at a moment’s notice. Often the G’vrians customize their dice with symbols that are meaningful to their life story so that each die serves as a collection of memories as well as a game piece. “Even as technology has advanced our entertainment culture has remained firmly physical. We prefer to solidness of real game pieces over a computer screen any day,” Crit’tevel said.

Cri’tevel had previously adopted many other planets’ history into roleplaying games. His take on the age of Martian Kings was a joint project between him, the University of Northern Mars and the historical archive here at The Martian Muckraker.

Not all Earthlings were offended by the game. Many supporters of Earth re-normalizing relations with the galaxy have been downloading the playtest via hyperspace tacheyon transport protocol and have been providing valuable feedback for the planned second edition of the game. Rumors of a future “wild west” campaign setting abound.

By Sp’Rark Special Reporter and Earthling Expert for the Martian Muckraker

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Cri’tevel is always ready to roll.

Thanks to Tom Grimbert on Unsplash for the background photo.

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