Newspaper in Exile

Hello, my name is F’delty.  Would that you could see the tears on the transmitter as I write this…

My father was one of thousands of Martians who hailed Mars begging for escape transports the day the Earthlings’ Great Barricade started to rise.

For years, we have had no information of the outside galaxy, no clue about our home, about the C’rululian Empire, about our extended families.  Now our children have never known a world other than Earth.  They have never had a home in any real sense of the term.  They have never slid down a crater.  They have not soared by Saturn’s Mighty Rings.

The Earthing government views us as alien invaders and we face arrest and execution regularly.

And why were we left behind?  Because in the eyes of the C’rululian Authority, our decision to try and make peace with Earth was a sign we were not “pure” enough for the Empire.  Ethnic pride trumped human rights, trumped the hope of a united universe.  And so when we were in need, the C’rululian Authority demanded Mars refrain from extending aid.

The one hope in our lives has been The Martian Muckraker.  C’therax, Sp’Rark and Dr. Vyryn, with the help of the noble Earthling Sarah Debattista, have been sharing information with us.  They argued on their respective sides of the barricade for rapprochement between Earth and the stars and for a return of democratic norms.

So it is with great anguish that we have learned that C’rululian authorities lead by General Vikiper have arrested the chief leaders and editors of the Martian Muckraker.  As their voice was being extinguished they worked tirelessly to give us our own, for the first time sense the rise of the Barricade.  We now have the tech necessary to transmit on the Hyperspace Tachyon Transmission Protocol past the Great Barricade’s radiation.

To General Vikiper:  You will never silence our voice.  And our messages will be reechoed throughout the galaxy by numerous lifeforms who all yearn to be free.

To all those who say we got what we deserved, being left behind:  Any attempt at peace, at connection, at unity is a valiant deed.  Even after all the Earthlings have done to us, we still hold on to the hope of peace.  We do not regret coming to Earth.  And standing firm in the Immutable, we never will regret it.  Earthlings like Sarah Debattista and the countless Earthlings that smuggle us food and hide us in their homes show us that this species can be a heroic people, worthy to take their place among the stars.  Recently an Earthling risked a lot to share an adorable creature called a dog with us in our hidden compound.  This may seem a small act, but these acts of kindness give us the courage to keep going.  That creature is part of our family now.

From our hiding places on Earth, numerous stranded Martians will continue on the vision C’therax, Sp’Rark and Dr. Vyryn championed until such time as they are set free.

We are the Martian Muckraker in Exile.  We stand firm in the Immutable and know that by the Immutable’s Light the Universe will know freedom again someday, and in the Immutable’s Time we will see the day where the Earthling and the Martian are brothers.


C’therax could see little in his dark cell.  But he could faintly hear guards whispering in a deep frustration.  He smiled softly.  The Muckraker lives, he thought.  This story isn’t over yet.

To Be Continued…



Photo by SHTTEFAN on Unsplash

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