Martians Abuzz for Interplanetary Composer

Trebbuske Lunaria, or just Trebble as he is known by his millions of adoring fans, is one of the most famous composers in the galaxy.

“Buzzardlies [the proper name for Trebble’s species], love music. We value our sense of hearing much, much more than our sense of sight. Music is how we worship, how we express love, how we reflect on the Immutable’s Goodness in our lives,” Trebble said. The Buzzardly homeplanet has twenty-three national anthems, each for a specific circumstance.

What made Trebble so unique from other composers was that he was fascinated with the music of other species. The Buzzardly hearing range is much wider than most sentient species and their music often evokes pitches that only they can hear. This often causes Buzzardlies to look down on other planets’ music as too limited. Trebble was different though.

“I was amazed at how Martians and Earthlings can bring so much variance out of so few pitches. It became an obsession to me. And I realized that reaching out to other planets’ preference in music could be a way to unite different species,” Trebble said.

For several years his homeworld banned his music from all awards and honors saying that it “didn’t accurately reflect Buzzardly culture.” Immigrant Buzzardlies on other planets loved it though, in part because it told the stories of newcomers on new worlds. Soon Martian and even Earthling listeners became fascinated, and a phenomenon was born.

Trebble takes seriously that music can build bridges. His songs often champion the hope of a united, peaceful galaxy, understanding between species and the needs of the marginalized. When I, C’therax, Chief Editor of The Martian Muckraker, was captured he released a song entitled “Freedom Always Sings” that became the anthem of the pro-democracy resistance.

So it is with great joy that the staff of The Martian Muckraker welcome this musical soldier for freedom to be the Editor of The Martian Muckraker’s Arts and Culture Session. He is already composing a theme song for the newspaper.

Trebble feeling the beat.

Drawing of Trebble Copyright Gabriel Relich. Credit for the background photograph goes to Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

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