First time here?

In the not so distant future…

The so-called Humanity First Movement has cut Earth off from the rest of the galaxy by erecting the Great Barricade, a field of radioactive energy meant to protect Earth from allegedly hostile alien lifeforms.

Many Earthlings long to see and reach for the stars again, but Earth’s government grows more totalitarian each day.

On Mars, a news outpost for the Milkyway Gazette constantly devises new ways to contact Martians and other multiterrestrials who are trapped behind the Great Barricade.  They call their publication The Martian Muckraker.

Outside of Earth’s Great Barricade, interplanetary peace feels increasingly unstable. The C’rululian Empire, once the greatest force for peace in the galaxy, risks being torn apart by rival factions.  The current King and Prime Minister view reporters and the Martian Muckraker’s lead editor, C’therax, with contempt.

Against all odds, C’therax, Sp’Rark, Dr. Vyryn and the staff of the Martian Muckraker seek to defend press freedoms across the galaxy and to pass information to a noble Earthling named Sarah Debattista who aids them in their cause.

These are the Chronicles of the Martian Muckraker, the last honest newspaper in the Milky Way!

Best of the Muckraker