Under a Hostile Sun

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A RPG of planetary Exploration

Acid in the atmosphere.  Magma beneath your feet.  And in the alien sky, the oppressive heat of a hostile sun.  This is a game about space travel – but not glamorous space travel like Star Trek.  Planetary travel that is more like the horrors the first explorers faced when they were alone at sea in a storm or in a new land under famine.  

Making it all the worse is that the political atmosphere is somehow even more acidic than the atmosphere.  Is the planet getting worse due to natural causes?  Or is something sinister afoot?  

You will face long odds.  The void of space was not meant for Man.  These planets are not “Mother” like Earth – you are under a Hostile Sun.

A full rulebook is here, but this website should allow innovative GMs to run a session with the key systems from the game.  

Worried about the future of Open Gaming / OGL?  These rules are available in a Creative Commons License SRD.