Can You Own A Moon?

Almost every known planet with sentient lifeforms has a legal standard prohibiting the ownership of that world’s moons. Most of these customs are quite ancient, being written before the rise of faster-than-light travel when colonizing a moon was impossible anyway. However, as the cost of trans-galactic vehicles continues to plummet, more and more companies are viewing the moons of various worlds as unused potential. Many protest groups are forming to prevent the sale of their world’s moons.

“Everyone Buzzardly , Martian, Earthling, Liz’vilian what have you
has a tradition of camping. It’s one of the few traditions that’s common across the galaxy. You go out to your world’s wilderness with your friends and marvel at the unique glories of that planet’s creation. And what’s part of that? When night falls you look at the Three Moons of Solace or whatever your homeworld’s equivalent is and you tell stories under the moonlight. The moons are something we all share. As the Texts tell us: no mortal can look to the moons and say ‘I do not need you.’ If someone can own the moon they are owning something that is by right, the common ownership of everyone. If this happens, now I’ll look at the moon and think ‘oh yeah that’s where the military-industrial complex is building their explosives,'” said a protester we interviewed who was marching with a group called the Pro-Loonie Coalition.

Fears of an exploding military-industrial complex drives many to fear the decision to sell moons to the highest bidder. The moons, being highly uninhabited are the perfect place to test new and potentially unstable weapons. In fact the moons of uninhabited worlds are already used for this purpose.

“We buy land on uninhabited worlds’ moons all the time. The idea of ‘oh this moon is special because my daddy took me camping’ is a bunch of ooze droppings. We need to use all of our resources to our fullest to ensure the protection of the C’rululian Empire. The bloody xenotree huggers should love this move! They tell us our industries hurt nature and then we say ‘ok we will go to a moon WHERE THERE IS LITERALLY NO NATURE’ and then they whine that ‘we all own the moon.’ They’ve been snorting comet dust! That’s what they’ve been doing!” said StarCraterTech CEO and prominent arms dealer Dex’Veritex.

At the time of reporting a compromise is being floated by some politicians to allow development only on the dark side of their moons to ensure that what is seen in the night sky remains only the property of the people.

Editor C’therax Reporting

Picture by Larisa-K on Pixabay

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