Truce at Silk Crater Castle




Food chain confusion has caused many tragic incidents throughout galactic history. The Liz’vilians eat eight-legged prey on their home world.  Upon discovering the eight-legged Venomites in the Concordia System the Liz’vilians, following their natural instincts, started using them for food, not realizing that these arachnids had developed high-level consciousness and rationality.  The resulting war between the two species was brief, but bloody.  It remains one of the Martian Muckraker‘s greatest achievements that our special reporter C’therax was able to help negotiate a truce.  Pictured, C’therax speaks to the Liz’vilian Prime Minister on behalf of the Venomite King who can be seen watching in the background.  Dear readers, we hope to bring you more images from the archive of the Martian Muckraker soon.  And we thank you for standing with the Martian Muckraker, the last honest newspaper in the Milky Way.

(I had fun playing with GIMP and Clip Studio with this one.  Another Sci-Fi short story featuring Sarah will be published tomorrow.  Special thanks to these Unsplashed photographers: michael podger, Sandra Ahn Mode, Michael Lawler, Alexander Andrews, Uriel Soberanes as well as Mhy on Pixabay.   If you missed last week’s post, click here.)


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