The Poking Bomb

“Sp”Rark!  Help me!  Help me!”

Sp’Rark ran into the Observation Deck, to find Xogue fleeing the sample holding chamber and slamming the door shut behind her.

“I-I t-though it was a t-turtle…”

Sp’Rark went to the Observation Deck’s window, “Xogue!  W-what have you done?  That’s a human larvae!!”

“It had a shell…it was green…all these Earth creatures look alike anyway.  I swear Sp’Rark, I THOUGHT I WAS A TURTLE!!!”

“THAT’S NO TURTLE YOU SLIME DROPPING!!!  And that’s not a shell!  Its called a ‘backpack!’  Lots of Earthling larvae use them”

“Did I correctly ID the dog?”

“Yes, that is a dog with her.  But, I said to get a dog that the Earthlings wouldn’t miss!  Not a human larvae and her pet!”

“It’s worse Sp’Rark…”

“How can it be worse?”

“She is armed!!!”

“Armed!  The Earthlings are so violent that they are arming their larvae now?”

“I swear Xogue!  According to my translation unit she has deployed a device called a “poking bomb!’  She seems confident that it can catch us all!”

Sp’Rark leaned against the glass of the observation deck.  The larvae was hugging her dog, a small golden thing that the girl probably could hold in one hand.  A few feet in front of them was a red and white spherical object.

“Are you sure the translator said it was a ‘poking bomb?’  It clearly hasn’t exploded yet.”

“Never underestimate a Earthling Sp’Rark…should we put the colony on bomb alert?”

“No-no—C’therax would be furious…get Explorer Drone 48!  We need to send it in there to get a diagnostic reading…”

“Is it worth the risk…”


Xogue quickly returned with the explorer drone.  It stood about six inches high and rolled on four wheels.  It had a little mechanical tail and pair of jaws in the front that could adjust themselves to pick up a wide variety of objects.

Xogue clutched the explorer drone’s controller and sent the robot into the sample bay.

The girl and her dog looked at the drone.  Xogue slowed the drone’s rolling and then steadily moved it forward at what she hoped was a non-threatening pace.

“Fluffy!  Save me!” the human girl cried.

Fluffly was scared of the strange metal thing and its peculiar beeping.  His ears drooped, but slowly a determination formed in Fluffly’s eyes.  He took a moment to decide what sort of dog he wanted to be.  He had known a child’s love.  She petted him even when he peed on the carpet.  She always said he was a Good Boy even when he couldn’t see that in himself.  She inspired him to find the Good Boy within.  Fluffy jumped forward, his tail raised high and growled.

The explorer drone stopped.  Fluffy, like an ancient wolf, sensed weakness in his prey and charged.  Xogue panicked and ordered the explorer drone to retreat.  Soon Fluffy let out a chorus of barks and started chasing the drone around the sample chamber.

Sp’Rark sat down and put her face in her hands.  The little girl took off her backpack (which Xogue still thought looked like a shell) and started throwing a barrage of strange objects at the drone.  “GO GET HIM FLUFFY!!  YOU’RE A GOOD BOY!  YOU GOT THIS!  YOU GOT IT ON THE RUN!”

Sp’Rark let out a sigh and grabbed the drone’s controller from Xogue and redirected the drone towards the poking bomb, snatched it and raced the drone back towards the sample bay’s exit with Fluffy hot in the pursuit.

The drone got through the door which slammed shut before Fluffy could catch his prey.  Fluffy peed on the door defiantly.

Meanwhile Sp’Rark opened the poking bomb, being fairly certain now that it wasn’t dangerous.  Inside was a strange statue of a red lizard.

“What is it?” Xogue asked, “Is it some sort of Earthling religious artifact?”

“Possibly…or maybe a symbol of the larvae’s clan…”


To be continued…


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