Sarah Debattista – A prominent political agitator, Sarah works to end the Anti-Alien policies that define the Humanity First Movement.  Above all, she dreams of a day where Earth’s Great Barricade will fall and Earthlings will once again engage with the stars.  Her father was a reporter and she learned about the harsh realities of the world at a young age.  She is an advocate for those Martians stranded on Earth, who cannot escape due to the Great Barricade.

C’therax – Editor in chief of an embattled Martian newspaper called The Martian Muckraker.  C’therax and Sarah regularly trade information to help them spread the truth on their respective planets.  C’therax suffers from anxiety stemming from a miss-calibration of his antennae.  Despite this his newspaper is one of the few that have not caved to anti-press rhetoric form the C’rululian Empire’s regime.  He is firmly committed to preserving press freedom across the galaxy.

Dia’dymn – Sarah’s pet Venus Blueback Spider.  An alien creature, Dia’dymn is fiercely loyal to Sarah and incredibly intelligent for an animal.  His bite his fearsome and he is small enough to do reconnaissance for Sarah with the help of a small camera Sarah has rigged for his back.

Michael DeBattista Sarah’s cousin.  Michael smuggles goods to Martians stranded on Earth who are hiding from the hostile government.  He has less hopes for peace than Sarah.

Sp’Rark –  A special reporter for the Martian Muckraker.  Some speculate that Sp’Rark and C’therax have feelings for each other, but politics does not leave much time for love.  Specializes in Earthling studies and high-tech reporting.
Dr. Vyryn – A special reporter for the Martian Muckraker.  He is of an older generation than C’therax and Sp’Rark and sometimes the generational gap causes him to see problems in a different light.  Specializes in medical and biology based reporting.

F’delty – The leader of a group of Martians stranded on Earth.  A comic book shop is used as a front for his Martians in hiding.  He finds that there is much in Earthling culture that is beautiful and hopes for reconciliation between Earth and Mars.