10 out of 10!!!

Sp’Rark and C’therax Respond to the Space X Launch

While I am sure the ETs out there are laughing at us, in all seriousness it is amazing that we can get a functional skyscraper to fly now. Very excited to see where SpaceX goes. Who knows, maybe explorers like those in Under a Hostile Sun are possible.


Under a Hostile Sun Updates

  • Around May 15ish will publish another short (3-ish page) adventure for Under a Hostile Sun this one taking place on a disease ridden planet.
  • I am relatively hopeful that the Open RPG Creative License will come out in may. While updating the License page int the Core Rulebook I do intend to make one more round of edits. Some Hostile Environments may be tweaked.
  • I plan to expand the uses of Clue Points. Instead of paying 2 blockchain, players can spend 4 clue points to discover a new potion recipe. This represents that their growing knowledge of the world and their situation is helping them form solutions. 5 Clue Points can be spend on a re-roll. Be careful though – to level up, the party is going to want to cash in some Clue Points. Chemist archetype will be adjusted slightly to further draw out that they can make potions better other archetypes.

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