D&D Movie is Amazingly Faithful to Game

I am happy to report that the D&D movie is incredibly loyal to the source material. It genuinely feels like this was a campaign someone DMed and the movie is all the better for it.

You know that really crazy RPG campaign you had? They adapted it into a movie. And yes it is glorious.

I think that accurately summarizes the movie’s vibes. 🤣


  • Very faithful to game and lore
  • Really really funny
  • Compelling theme of fatherhood and family throughout
  • Great party of characters and solid acting
  • So many favorite D&D creatures are showcased


  • There are certain fight scenes, fun as they are, that suffer from the “Marvel-CGI” problem. There’s lots of cool effects and spectacle . . . but you don’t really feel like anyone is in danger.
The start of a D&D cinematic universe?

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