AI As Teacher

As anyone who has been anywhere near the internet knows, there is currently a huge internet war being fought over AI.

The timing of this right after OGL-gate is interesting. As The Open Game movement is about (ethical, reasonable, initiated by the creator) sharing. Whereas fears around AI run the risk of making people scared to share their work online (in any medium).

I don’t plan to solve or debate the AI ethics problems here – though I will share this interesting statement from Creative Commons where they address the impact of AI on their mission. I don’t know where my final view will be. I do know that we cannot let AI or AI fears cause a robust public domain and Creative Commons to break down.

I will also share this intro to the controversies by Legal Eagle (who also did a video on the OGL).

Recently, I did make the decision to not include AI art in my RPG Under a Hostile Sun.

Nonetheless I want to hope that this technology can be put to good use. So – for February – I am going to try to use AI as a teaching tool. I will use AI to generate images, than I will try (with my beginner’s art skills) to try and draw my version, hoping this will get me to try things I have not done before.

My goal is to make three drawings a week (with analog materials) – I won’t share them all – just the more interesting ones.

Step 1: What I gave the AI

(Built from numerous stock photos)

Step 2: What the AI Gave me

(Clearly the AI did not know what the Mushroom was)

Step 3: My Attempt

Original Background Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash

Step 4: Meeting Other Characters

Original Background Photo by Vanessa on Unsplash

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