Change is Constant

Change is Constant is my newest game idea! It is my submission to the Pleasure Not Buisness Card Jam.

This is a micro RPG that uses the symbolism of I Ching hexagrams to develop character back stories and uses the Five Elements as the Basis for Stats.

Genre agnostic, this game seeks to draw attention to a world classic.

I recently bought a copy of the Chinese philosophical / divination book “I Ching.” I immediately saw how my Martian Muckraker tarot game could be adapted with it to make a ruleset that could work when people only have coins and dice to play with.

Linked is a genre agnostic version of the rules as well as some initial ideas about how it could be used with my Muckraker game (though a full implementation of that will take more than a buisness card).

I Ching hexagrams are built by tossing three coins to determine if a line will be Old or Young and Yin or Yang. Each I Ching reading produces a hexagram that leads to another hexagram (the Old Yin and Yang lines flip in the second hexagram). The I Ching is called the Book of Changes because of its focus on how different symbols and philosophical constructs give rise to each other.

I plan on including a “Alternatives to Tarot” appendix to my Martian Muckraker game soon.

Image by Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

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