Muckraker System & Future Game Dev

It has come to my attention that not all persons are as obsessed with aliens as I am.

This is honestly a bit of a shock.

Nonetheless, I wanted to make my Tarot based RPG system accessible to lovers of all genres so now the rules behind the Martian Muckraker RPG are available as a genre-agnostic System Reference Document, that has a non-viral Creative Commons License. It is my hope that the new rules and permission to adapt will encourage people to incorporate the tarot system into a wide variety of genres. I will be continuing to tinker with the system and conduct more playtests but I am very proud of how far it has come.

New years resolution for 2021? Complete Dark Maria & The Final Evangelion . . .

Current RPG Projects

  • The Final Evangelion: a game about souls who are rejected from Heaven, Hell and Purgatory who are sent to Earth to save souls in danger from occult forces. (Early Development)
  • Dark Maria: a investigation RPG that is being developed alongside Final Evangelion. Both games are attempts to explore a deck-powered system of looming inevitiability. In some sense Final Evangelion is going to be a supernatural build of Dark Maria. What will probably happen is I will finish TFE first, and then build DM as a genre-agnostic build of the system. (Co-Development with Final Evangelion)
  • Myraid Myths & Mysteries – A OPRPG Collection: Occasionally I have an idea I need to play with, but can’t commit to a full development cycle. These become One-Page RPGs that one day I may return to. (Idea Factory; Ungoing Dev)
  • Muckraker System & Martian Muckraker RPG: I have another playtest coming up soon. I believe this system is getting close to completion. Let me know what you think (Near-Complete)

Please feel free to provide feedback here or on Itch for any of these. Constructive feedback is how they grow.

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

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