Where The Dark Magic Comes From

They wonder where dark magic comes from

as if they themselves cannot see any

passing familiarity,

strange reminiscence,

recognizeable peculiarity,

in the howls and the screeches and the screams.

As if they no longer recall . . .

Or cannot bring themselves to recognize

the bright sunlight magic

they spurned, with mockery scared and shallow

Until the summer glow turns to a stygian red and an eldritch green

and a Darkness that haunts and taunts both sun and moon.

Martain culture turned on magic hard after the war of the Gaurdians of the Mutated Muse. There are still many Earthlings though that find meaning in magic rituals or sacraments that strike us as strange. It appears religions of emotive magic and religions of calculated philosophy often clash even if each never seems to be fully rid of each other. Sometimes Earthling poets use magic as a metaphor of what we forget, or too quickly reject.

– Trebble, Cultural Editor for The Martian Muckraker
A Darkness that taunts both Sun and Moon

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