Hi Everyone –

We take a break from our usual Martian programming to discuss the current situation. I am not a medical expert, but here are some useful links from reputable sources including my favorite #StayTheFuckHome.

  • #StayTheFuckHome A Movement to Stop the COVID-19 pandemic – This was shared by a former bioethics professor of mine who I deeply respect. Explains the importance of staying home as much as possible during this time in clear to understand language. Forgive the invective, but we want to be clear. Click the citation numbers to be linked to where they are getting their info.
  • NY Times Coronavirus Live – Regular up-to-date info from the NY Times .
  • International OCD Foundation – For those with anxiety disorders, this can be an unusually trying time. Here is the information page from the IOCDF on how to deal with OCD-spectrum disorders during a pandemic.
  • Center for Disease Control YouTube Channel – Content strait from the CDC.

Most importantly, know that we are all in this together. Listen to reputable sources, take the recommended precautions and be sure to live in the present moment. We can get through this and a prudent calm is needed now more than ever.

As for things to do while we are #StayTheFuckHome:

  • Take a virtual museum tour.
  • Move your RPG game online using Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.
  • Work on your creative writing using prompts from Writer’s Digest
  • The MetOpera is offering free streaming during the outbreak.
  • Start your own Blog or webcomic. 🙂
  • Call friends and family. In the modern age social distancing does not mean our relationships have to suffer.
  • Pray and/or Meditate – Whatever your spiritual center is, I am a firm believer that faith can be a source of strength in a time of crisis. Unplug from excess electronics and noise and remember there is much wisdom in silence. Not saying we shouldn’t be well informed (hence all the information centers linked above) but we all need time to spiritually recharge. As my Martians say, stand firm in the Immutable’s Light. Here is a site I like, from my tradition, should anyone find it helpful. Here is an introduction to mindfulness that does not depend on a particular faith tradition. (For those curious, yes prayer and meditation are two separate things, but I personally think both have their place).

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet lately. Due to some economic troubles I haven’t had too much time to write. I hope to have more (yes, fictional and Martian filled) articles from The Last Honest Newspaper in the Milky Way soon.

Stay informed, stay safe, stay at home as much as you reasonably can and know that I am praying for you.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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