The Oath of a Martian

I stand in the Immutable’s Light! I fear not the darkness between the stars, nor the Darkness-That-Looks-Back, nor the darkness in my heart.

As my Mind craves That-Which-Grounds-The-Real, I seek every truth, correct every error, and hold all I think I know lightly, my only certitude being the Immutable’s Luminescent Light.    

As my Body can turn darkness to the right, I shall always be fit and ready to serve and fight, for life, for truth, for the Immutable’s Scorching Light.

As My Spirit is immune to Entropy’s might, meditation and mercy ensures the soul’s endless journey is always filled with the Immutable’s Immortal Light.

I am no one, and nothing except what I am in the Immutable’s Light. I shall make no mark on my body, for all that I am will one day change, and all that I become will change again.

I have no planet, my home is wherever I am brought by the Immutable’s Light.

I have no tribe and yet have every tribe, for I am one with all who seek the Immutable’s Light. Even my family is secondary to the Light.

What nature gives me I hold lightly, for arrogant is the one who believes he owns a planet’s bounty.

I do not try to build people up by tearing others down.

As I stand in the Immutable’s light, another’s body is their fortress, I may not transgress a claw tip, nor hair, nor a single cell of another, nor make any bold demand, regardless of circumstances, least the Immutable’s light leave me and I find myself lost between the stars. I forget not this dignity in myself.

The future I may never divine, for what it shown me in the Light I know, and for that which is in Shadow, I am to Trust.

Save that which builds darkness, I may do what I will.

Surrounded by entropy, in a universe of quantum flux, my only constant is the Immutable’s Light! Immortal, Luminescent Light!

C’therax reread his translation several times before transmitting it to Sarah. This was too sacred to him to leave to the digital translator. The Oath was the core beliefs of the Knights of the Immutable, whose tenants served as the most populous spiritual path on Mars. It was the actions of the Knights, both religious leaders and normal believers, that saved Mars from the dark times. Some humans often thought Martians stoic and stern (“I am no one and nothing . . . I have no plant I have no tribe . . . “). Most Martians thought humans too reckless and sometimes incoherent. Humans these days it seemed, lacked values in common and as such simultaneously overvalued everything and yet valued nothing.

He hoped the translation would help Sarah understand the Martian’s stranded behind Earth’s Great Barricade and that one day again there would be friendship between Earth and Mars. And with that hope he meditated on the Light.

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